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Lawn & Garden Care

Lawn & Garden Care in Moorestown, NJ

We offer several lawn & garden care services that go well beyond the standard in most homeowners’ minds.

Lawn Renovation: This service is done during the fall season to enhance your lawn and allow it to grow full and lush once the spring rolls around.

Tree & Shrub Care: Ornamental oil application, targeted insect and disease control, plant feedings, and other seasonal treatments.

Maintenance: We provide a weekly maintenance service which includes mowing, trimming, edging, and weeding, keeping your lawn beautiful at all times.

Soil testing: This service helps ensure your lawn and garden have the best nutrients to grow. Soil is the essence of a healthy lawn. If your soil is not nutrient-rich your lawn and garden will die from malnutrition. we will help make sure your soil is nutrient-rich, keeping your lawn and garden beautiful and well-nourished.

Grub Control: Grub control protects your plants from beetles from laying eggs which can hatch into grub worms and feed on, and ultimately, destroy your plants.

Disease Control: Disease control helps prevent the heat and humidity from ruining your landscape.

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